What Is FORT

This plugin is a robust SDK tools, that helps developers of Unity 3D Game Engine to simply create their own game.
Fort is a premade Backbone for videogame projects, if you are making a Free-to-play Videogame, or you're making a game or an application with Store or User sign up features using Unity, you can use Fort to Speed up your work. There is a lot of development and programing is needed to make an awesome game. Also there is a lot of mechanisms has to be deployed using programing tools and development methods, Such as User Management, In-game Store Purchase System, Achievements and Missions, In App Purchase, Multilingual Export, Level Management, Invitation (Invite friends procedures), Energy Systems (Skinner Box), Asset Bundle, Analytics and Game Values (In-game Currency). As you know, there are many many different tools and plugins available on Unity asset store, but we have to mind about waste time for inefficient, feeble and weak tools.


      1. User Management
         (User Account management, authentication, Single Session Sign On Support)

      2. In-game Store Purchase System
        ( Account and Currency Management, Startup Money, Sync Item prices with Server, Online Item Configuration, Multi App Markets Export(Play Store, Cafe Bazzar, Myket, ...) , Item Discount and ...)

      3. Achievements
         (Level Based Achievement and Mission Based Achievements)

      4. In App Purchase System
         ( IAP Package management, Fraud Protection, Bundle Sale, Sell Set of Items, Upgradable Items, Rent Items, Remove ads Item and ...)

      5. Multilingual Export
         ( Export your game in other languages using FORT smart multilingual system)

      6. Game Level Management
         (Manage and Categorize Game Levels)

      7. Invitation
         (Invite your friends using social media apps, Traceable user Invitation System )

      8. Energy Systems
         (Motivate Players Using Free Rewards (Skinner Box!, Google it!))

      9. Asset Bundle
         (Create and Management Asset Bundles, Sync Asset Bundles with Backtory Servers) Please Google! Asset Bundle or Backtory! for more info.

      10. Game Analytics
        ( Game is not web site! So games need their analytics service, We did it on FORT!)

      11. Game Values
         (In-game Currencies Management)

      12. App Version Notification System
         ( Easily Notifies user about the app or game version)

      13. Import and Export to Microsoft EXCEL
         (You can easily import and export your setting, game items, store items, game difficulty items) Help designers to use Excel unsets and figures to balance game difficulty. Also it will help the designers to manage item prices using Excel capacities.

      14. Unity Scene Management
        (With this feature players have better experience of using your game when they are surfing in your game menu or other scenes in your game)

      15. Video Ads Manager
         (You can maximize your income by using the service of multiple video ads providers. Also you can choose your default video ads provider)

Why people choose FORT

Why people choose the FORT

Simplifying the process of making the game
Speed up game production
A free tool for Unity Engine
Most importantly, it's Open Source

Create By:

Fort created by a company that's made so many games in steam and android device, this is Red Cap Games.